What does a tree surgeon actually do?

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We’re often asked what a tree surgeon does and whether or not we’re doctors. Tree surgeons or arborists, to give us our technical name, undertake many services but essentially we’re involved in the care and maintenance of trees.

Trees are living organisms, are an ecosystem themselves and are thus a fundamental part of the environment. However, conflicts between trees and people often arise. This can be due to a tree’s natural growth or its failure due to adverse weather conditions. Alternatively conflicts can result from human activities impacting on the tree. In either case it’s a tree surgeon’s job to resolve conflicts to ensure the safety of people and property as well as maintain the health and welfare of trees.

To be a tree surgeon, like a doctor, you need to be highly skilled to perform operations such as deadwood removal and have an understanding of how your patient, the tree, works. It’s a dangerous job so you need to be able to manage risk, have a head for heights and love working in the rain, especially if you’re like our team and work in Wales!!

The New Emergency Service

Could we be the “New” Emergency Service?

As a tree surgery firm we are often asked to help out in emergency situations and we have even saved a few lives. Ok, so we admit, it’s not quite within the realms of the situations the true emergency services face but “Nessie” among others is very grateful that she’s no longer stuck up a tree!!

Yes that’s right, cat rescue is one type of emergency service Branching Out Tree Surgery offers, much to the relief of our feline friends who discover that what goes up doesn’t always come down. The Company has now been contacted on a number of occasions by owners of cats, whom have been a little too adventurous, the most recent being during February in Dunvant.

Fully Qualified and insured

Branching Out Tree Surgery doesn’t just rescue cats though. We also rescue cars!! … and sheds, driveways and even houses that have fallen victim to trees that have failed in high winds. When a tree failed in a car parking area last year we carefully uncovered three cars, two of which ended up with hardly a scratch!!

So although we wouldn’t call ourselves “super heroes” just yet, at Branching Out Tree Surgery we do provide a “new” emergency service and it involves trees.


2013-04-15 12.08.23Having enjoyed the recent dry spell and even felt the warmth of the sun it would seem that Spring is definitely here and Summer is just around the corner!   Trees are very much in leaf and gardens are alive in colour.

This is therefore an ideal time to be thinking about tidying up your garden. Heavy pruning at this time of the year though can be damaging to trees so should be avoided. Nesting birds also need consideration.