The Arb Show

The Arboricultural Association held their annual Arb Show at Westernbirt Arboretum on Saturday 13th May.  When Richard suggested to our daughters that it would be a great day out, the response he received was lukewarm to say the least.  “But dad, you spend all week looking at trees, why do you want to see more on your day off?” our eldest daughter asked.  However, you can’t keep a tree surgeon away from the lure of chainsaws, chippers and trees, even at a weekend, so off we went on Saturday for a family day out.

And what a lovely day we had.  The Arb show did not disappoint; with lots of tools and gadgets to view and expert advice on hand.  The Arboretum was stunning, with many beautiful specimens of tree, not to mention woodland folk and a Gruffalo!

But Branching Out Tree Surgery is definitely a family business so Richard didn’t miss the opportunity to see if our daughters could be future climbers.  Strapped into harnesses and suspended from ropes the girls made
their father proud as they very swiftly and ably ascended a Douglas Fir at the tree climbing activity.   Whilst suspended 20 feet in the air, our eldest daughter stated “This is awesome Dad but how do you do this everyday for a living?” and it became apparent that the Arb Show had given her an insight into the word of tree surgery and an opportunity to appreciate what a tough job her dad has!


Have a hedge that’s in desperate need of a haircut?  We are currently quoting to undertake hedgework and are happy to give your hedge a makeover!  It’ll soon be that time when birds have finished nesting and hedges are in need of a trim.  Why not call in the professionals to help with your garden maintenance this year.

Training and Sandwiches!

Congratulations to Steve who has now passed his NPTC CS38 City and Guilds qualification  in Tree climbing and Aerial rescue. Steve is now officially qualified to spend all day hanging around in trees!!

We know Steve is pleased to have passed his assessment, although we suspect this is because he can now eat his lunch in the canopy away from the envious stares of Richard, who is jealous of the amazing sandwiches Steve makes and brings to work!

And When Not Climbing Trees …

So you ask your staff what they’d like to do on an evening out, and given the huge range of possibilities available to them what do they decide to do?  Yep you guessed it go climbing!  So when asked what do tree surgeons do when they are not climbing trees? the answer simply is they climb walls! So here are the team at Branching Out enjoying an evening of climbing and, although the harnesses were not quite a comfy as the ones they wear on a daily basis, it’s safe to say their tree climbing skills stood them in good stead.climbing 011 climbing 012 climbing 013 climbing 018

All Change

steve face

We’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all our past and future clients.

2015 brings a new year and some changes to the team at Branching Out as we said goodbye to our Arborist Lyndon, and welcomed Steve, our new Trainee Climber.  After 5 years working for the company, we were sad to say goodbye to Lyndon at the end of 2014, as he embarked on starting is own welding and fabrication company.  Lyndon has recently established Distinctive Metal Work based on Gower and we wish him all the luck in starting his business.

We are pleased to have Steve Hartnell join the Branching Out team as a Trainee climber.  Steve is from Swansea and has shown great enthusiasm and skill since starting with the company and has recently undertaken his tree climbing and aerial rescue qualification.  We have a feeling it won’t be long before Steve is as happy as Pete is hanging around in the trees, as he undertakes further training to become a fully qualified Arborist.



snow 003

Snow, sleet, rain and wind – it must be winter!  Given the recent harsh weather conditions, it may seem like odd advice, but winter is actually a good time to start thinking about prunning trees and undertaking some garden maintenance before the spring arrives and vegetation comes into bud.  It’s also the time of year we find ourselves responding to emergency call outs for wind blown or damaged trees. So should you be in need of our services please contact us for a free quotation.

RNLI Raft Race – We made it!!


The crew of Branching Out Tree Surgery’s entry into the RNLI Mumbles Raft Race 2013 made it all the way from Norton to Knab Rock without sinking – well done Boys!!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, we raised over £400.

Special thanks go out to Tom “Scooby Doo” Williams and Anthony “Tubby” Ball who joined us on the day and provided some much needed extra muscle!!

It was fair to say that at the start of the race it looked doubtful as to whether our raft was going to go anywhere at all as the back end certainly seemed to be sinking.  Cheered on though by family,  friends and most of Swansea who had turned out for the event, our raft motored along and once into deeper water looked certain to make it to the end  …. eventually!!

Amazingly our vessel,  made from recycled materials including old ladders, bits of broken rake, old climbing ropes, logs and even a tree, stayed intact along the course and reached Knab Rock about an hour later.  Covered in seaweed and very tired the boys were pleased with their achievements – messing around on a boat certainly makes a change from messing around in trees!!  Back to work now though – no rest for the wicked!!

RNLI Mumbles Raft Race


We’re coming out of the trees and heading onto the water (or should that read “into” the water!!).

In support of the RNLI Mumbles Raft Race, being held on 21st July at 5pm, the staff here at Branching Out are entering a raft in order to raise funds for the RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea.  The boys are in the process of constructing a raft with a tree theme (of course) and are swapping chainsaws for paddles in their lunch breaks in order to practice their co-ordination.  Sarah won’t be heading onto the water (she’s too scared or maybe just has more sense!!) but will be providing plenty of moral support and cups of tea for the boys at the end of the race !!

So if you would like to show you’re support for Branching Out it’d be great to see our customers at the event helping to raise as much money as possible for this essential local charity.

Secret Garden

secret_garden (2)

Our new seasonal tip is to visit “Secret Garden” in Killay.  This small family run business sells everything you need to make your garden bloom this season along with gifts and crafts from local suppliers and crafters.  Ian and Alison are on hand with excellent advice for how to enhance your garden and sell everything you’ll need from plants, hanging baskets, garden ornaments and even wooden mushrooms!!  So either pay them a visit at Secret Garden, Gower Road, Killay, SA2 7AJ, phone them on 01792 205511 or visit their Facebook page at .  This is definitely one place that should not be kept a secret!!